Keynote Speakers at the 2011 conference include:

Ruby Wax
David Magliano
Richard Newman


Ruby Wax


After three decades working on stage, television and radio, Ruby Wax has recently changed direction.

She qualified in Psychotherapy and studied in Neuroscience and now runs management workshops for business leaders enabling them to find a deeper and more direct level of communication with their clients and colleagues. Her workshops combine humour with scientific and theoretical learning and normally involve practical exercises. Ruby's participants leave with a set of tools helping them create a climate of positivity, resulting in more effective teams, so directly impacting their organisation.

As Ruby says, "to engage with colleagues in stressful circumstances and positively motivate their actions through your own presence requires a deep understanding of yourself, your own potential and your ability to influence others. But where does this presence come from and how can it be harnessed to positively lead others? Credibility, authenticity and genuineness are characteristics that followers want from their leaders. But authenticity requires a willingness to take risks, stay open to fresh ideas and be completely present in a situation. To be successful you need to become aware of yourself, your people and the world around you. We can all talk at each other but rapport means reading under the radar below the words to understand what people really mean and being transparent enough for them to understand you. When you begin to relate as one human to another it helps build better teamwork, better connections with the public, your clients, your shareholders and your employees. It's your humanness that works as a glue to hold relationships together, not your intellect."

After arriving in Britain from America in 1977 and training as an actress, Ruby began her acting career with the Royal Shakespeare Company before developing her own brand. In addition to performing and presenting Ruby has written and edited numerous scripts for TV shows including Absolutely Fabulous.

She became one of the best known and popular faces on television. In her own unique and inimitable style Ruby has confronted Madonna, irritated Donald Trump and been intimate with Pamela Anderson, she is one of the few television personalities who has cracked Cannes and Hollywood. Her TV shows got under the skin of celebrity.

Ruby now speaks regularly at corporate conferences on leadership facilitation, where her sharp brain, wit and humour helps her get important messages across.

Clients have included:

BAe, Orange, The Welsh Assembly, KPMG,...



David Magliano MBE


David Magliano played a lead role in two high-profile bids of recent times: as Director of Commercial and Marketing at England 2018, and as Director of Marketing at London 2012.

In both cases David's responsibilities included devising the positioning strategy, designing the technical submissions, creating the marketing materials and producing the large-scale events associated with presenting the bid to the electorate.

David's previous experience includes Sales and Marketing Director of two airlines and 10 years at major advertising and event agencies.

David is a non-executive director of Glasses Direct, and a former non-executive director of Dyson. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

David was UK Marketer of the Year in 1999 and 2005, and Global CMO of the Year in 2006. He was awarded an MBE in 2006



Richard Newman

Richard-NewmanRichard Newman has worked with advanced communication skills since 1995, training over 15,000 people from 45 countries. Last year his team helped their clients win additional contracts worth over £1.6 billion.

He will boost your success in business, with advanced communication training. Clients include the McLaren Formula 1 Team, FTSE 100 Companies such as Barclays, IBM and BT, the UK Parliament and international celebrities.

Richard has been featured on BBC Radio, SKY TV (a 15-minute special), Channel 5 News, Esquire magazine, The Daily Express, The Daily Telegraph website and a special feature in the prestigious American edition of Forbes Magazine.

More recently Richard has been working with 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers, to promote their TV shows about body language.

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